3 years ago..

3 years ago I joined the staff team at Ridgeview Church.

That seems like a very long time!

3 years ago...

We had a 5 month old baby who we could take to the restaurant with us, and she would sleep in the car seat while we ate dinner together.

I was consumed with preparation for my senior recital, the German songs required the most work. I haven't sung a single word in any non-English language since.

I owned a guitar, but never played it and only knew 3 chords.

I was pretty sure I wanted to join a Barbershop quartet (again) as a hobby.

I had never read a blog, and didn't know anyone who wrote one.

I rode my MTB regularly, and scoffed at any road cyclist.

I led worship from the keyboard, with a bass player and occasionally a jimbe player.

I still got a little excited when I realized I wouldn't have to wear a tie to church


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