What our churces should learn from hospitals

So, if you have been following my posts at all over the last week, it is very likely you already know about our current situation. If not, run over to www.thewilsonheart.com to find out the latest info.

Here are a few things I have found to be very transferable, after being in a very busy hospital constantly for about 4 days.

1. Have excellent signage - we could usually find our way if we followed the signs
2. Treat 1st time visitors as if they have no idea what to do (they usually don't)
3. Let the people who have been there a while know that is a good thing for them to receive LESS attention. It means they are doing well on their own.
4. People want to ask questions, but don't. Answer the questions they aren't asking. It will make them feel much better.
5. The 10/5 Rule. (I saw this on an office wall yesterday) At 10 ft make eye contact. At 5 feet smile and ask how you can assist them.
6. Don't apologize for rules that may be in place. Just explain their purpose.
7. Encourage and facilitate socialization between other newcomers.
8. Give the newcomer the "instructions" in print. They have a lot to take in all at once.
9. Call them by name. Even if it means it is read off of a sheet of paper. This helps both parties remember one another.
10. Realize that a returning guest is looking for the 1 face they know they will recognize. Do everything possible to connect these two people on the guest's 2nd visit.


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