Josiah (Jehovah has healed) has come through the Norwood procedure!

So this is a picture of Josiah last night after the Norwood procedure. I admit, it is not a photo we will be putting in his baby book. However, it is the reality of what he went through yesterday. The doctors wouldn't even give us the odds of what we were up against, because of his list of complications, there was little or no data to compare him to. Dr Bradley even suggested that if we wanted to wait another day becuase weren't emotionally prepared to potentially lose a child, we could put it off.

But God is good! We recieved updates throughout the day, which we passed on to hundred of people who committed to pray for his little body to survive the procedure. He is doing very well!

The orange area on his chest in the picture is actually a protective cover over hisopen chest. We can look into the 1inch gap in his chest and see his little heart beating miraculously away. This is left open for about 24 hrs to allow the swelling to subside before closing him back up.
Thanks for prayin


  1. Its funny how we happen upon blogs of people we don't even know and get drawn into their lives. We're visiting Brevard this weekend as was told to check out Hendersonville while there, so I did an image search. It was the girl in a wedding dress on a bike that led me to yours. Curiosity...

    I started reading about your baby though and as I'm reading about his surgery, I realized that was 2 days ago! I started to cry and couldn't get to yesterday's post fast enough. I was so happy to read that he came through the procedure.

    I have a 4 year old and thank God every day that he is healthy. Although we don't know each other I will keep you and your precious one in my prayers.

    Jefferson, GA

  2. Milo, I have a Josiah too. I'll be praying for your little guy. Interesting, but my dad who is 70 just had heart surgery. What a contrast and yet, the call of the heart is the same. I am experiencing this with you.

    Remember, God is Great and God is Good. Because He is both, we know He can do anything and what He does is always for our good.

    BTW, great report and video of the AOMM.