We Attended Sea Coast Church @ Long Point

I realized this morning that with everythng going on, I forgot to mention that we had attended Sea Coast Church last Sunday morning. This was particularly enjoyable to me because even on my weeks off, I typcically end up playing at my parent's church, or our home church in western NY.
The parking lot feautured some well marked visitor parking spots, which I decided to take full advantage of. We were met at the curb by a volunteer who walked our family to the kids area, while informing us about what to expect in the worship service. She did a really good job!
The children's area was welcoming enough, but they didn't really fill us in on which room to take our girls to, and I am still unsure afterwards whether they were taught a lesson or not.
Erin and I really enjoyed the worship experience. It was truly a multi-denominational experience. There were prayer candles on the side, crosses up front with messages taped to them, and communion was offerred. It is a great house of worship!


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