Worship Wars

Why are worship wars still waging? I have spent much of the last 3 weeks away from home and my normal routine. However, there was a minister in the waiting room yesterday that I had the opportunity to talk with some about worship styles.

He attends a church that is struggling through the process of hosting a contemporary worship service at 9:30 and a traditional service at 11:00. The minister of music resigned recently, which now hhas the church looking for a new minister of music who can fill both the choir directing role, and the worship leading role.

Finding an individual who is capable to do both roles is proving to be very difficult. Why? Very few universities offer both formal musical training, worship training.

The result? Formally educated music ministers who have no idea how to run a band rehearsal. Great worship leaders who can't sing very well, let alone direct a choir to sing in harmony.

As long as our universities neglect training the worship arena the war will rage on...


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