Erin's birthday: a historic event

Erin's birthday 2009 will always be remembered. It is one day after Josiah's 5 month birthday, and we have spent the entire 5 months day after day by his bedside. There was however, another epic birthday in Erin's life.

It was Oct 21st 2002, and I had planned the coolest birthday ever. I woke Erin up at 4:45 on a Saturday morning, and told her to get dressed for a big day. She was obviously confused, but my excitement about the day seemed to get her moving, and by 5:30 we were on the road, headed out to an unknown destination.
My plan was pretty simple really: take Erin to Carowinds, an amusement park in Charlotte. We lived in Beaufort at the time, so it would be a 4 hr drive there , putting us at the park within 30 minutes of the park opening... However, when we arrived, the park had been bought out for a day by a large company and its employees. We couldn't get in. What a bust!

So, I did what any good man would do. We got in the car and drove the 4 hrs from Charlotte to Atlanta where the Six Flags is located. Doggonit, we were gonna ride a roller coaster! Fortunately, the park was open extra late for Halloween hours, so we stayed until midnight when the park closed... to get our money's worth of course!

Then, we drove the 4 hrs from Atlanta back to Beaufort. This was very dangerous. We were so incredibly tired! I think we began switching off drivers less than 20 minutes apart. We arrived after 5 am on Sunday morning the 22nd, exhausted after more than 12 hrs of driving, and nearly 12 hrs of roller coaster riding.

Why rush back? I had to be at Shell Point Baptist at 9:00 to run a worship run-through for the morning service. That was historic! That was when we were young and foolish!


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