is your communication method effective?

Every television network has local commercials that can be easily identified as "cheap," or "low budget." It might be a oriental rug company, a used car lot, or a cash advance store. All of these commercials have some things in common.
1. louder decibel level
2. a crazy fast talker
3. fast scrolling text on the bottom of the screen
4. images of large bills of money. either coming or going...
5. a message from "the boss," or his cute kid/grandkid

What's the problem with these approaches? Well, nothing if you want to be stereotyped as the insignificant local guy.

However, national food chains, insurance companies, cell phone carriers, and beer/soda companies don't advertise that way. The main difference, is selling large quantities of information vs. selling a mood, personality, or way of life.

What method is your organization using to try to communicate?

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