What I Learned About Leadership in the PCICU

I have spent the last 5 months in the Intensive care unit with my little boy Josiah Nathaniel. During this time, I have witnessed some things that can learned about leadership, and a working environment that may be helpful to your organization.

1. Everyone understands the chain of command, and the appropriate relationships within that chain.
2. The collective opinion of the leadership group is of great worth and value to those who answer to them.
3. Disagreements of opinions by those in leadership are resolved behind closed doors, then presented as a unified decision.
4. The opinion of those involved in the day to day work/care (i.e.. parents and bedside nurses) is regularly evaluated and listened to.
5. Every doctor and nurse has a training time when they arrive, but after that they are expected and encouraged to make their own decisions, and carry their own weight.
6. Everyone is held responsible for their own decisions.
7. Every leader is responsible for their subordinate's decisions.
8. The success of the unit is celebrated by everyone.
9. The morale of the unit is determined by the confidence of their leader(s).
10. Most of the staff enjoy spending time with each other outside of work at some level.

I have heard multiple comments from people who work here that love what they do, and think that this unit is the very best place they could be employed. Would the staff at your organization say that?

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