Worship Leaders - Are you In The Christmas State of Mind by Halloween?

I have just finished picking our music for our Christmas Eve service. In our setting, this year will be very simple and acoustic, but sometimes simple requires a ton of work. In my planning, I use Halloween every year as a drop dead date for Christmas planning. Our service occurs on Dec 24. Many of you have earlier performances in Dec. If that is the case, Halloween may be too late. The point is, be ready early. This way, your people make their Holiday plans around you, rather than the opposite scenario. Here are a few things to think about when planning Christmas services.

1. Have music selections settled on by Halloween
2. Set rehearsal dates for Nov and Dec set by Halloween
3. Know your musician's Christmas travel plans by Halloween
4. Know your Pastor's Christmas sermon title/outline by Halloween.
5. Know your stage layout, costumes needed if necessary, and location set if necessary - by Halloween.
6. Have listening CD's handed out, there are many versions of Christmas music. You want your people to know your version, and beginning to listen to it by Halloween.
7. Make sure that your personal family Christmas plans are set before Halloween, so that you can plan the church's event around your own - not leave your family to grab the leftovers.
8. Consider what you might perform for the following Christmas while you are looking at the material. Church budget's need to be completed this time of year (around Halloween), so budgeting for the next fiscal year is helpful.
9. Don't expect to re-create what took professionals months in a studio to get what you hear on a CD in your spare time between Halloween and Christmas.
10. Enjoy every Christmas song you hear between Halloween and Christmas. There will be a ton!


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