Sunshine Cycle: Hour Of Power

Andrew and I got up early on Saturday and went over to the sunshine bike shop's hour of power on Saturday morning. I admit, I was pretty intimidated going there, because I had heard and read a lot about it, so I didn't want to get there and not be able to keep up. So, I brought Andrew along so that if we both fell off the back we would have someone to ride with.

Fortunately the turnout Saturday wasn't too big, I think there may have been 10 riders. We left the bike shop at 8am, even though the website swore if everyone wasn't ready by 7:45, the train was leaving without you. Andrew and I both rode strong. We kept up with the group on all of the flat sections, and even led the way up some of the climbs. It was nice to ride with a group rather than being out there alone, and everyone was friendly and courteous just like it said they would be. We covered almost 30 miles in just under 2 hrs, and had quite a bit of climbing without even going out toward the really big hills. All in all, it was a great ride!

So, if you are intimidated like I was and like most people are their 1st time going to a group ride, find a friend to go with you, and give it your best. You might find it wasn't as scary as you had made it out to be!

Kinda like walking into a new church for the 1st time.... hmm...something to consider?


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