Spring Cleaning: Moving Some Blog Posts Around

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will notice that I have written on a wide range of topics. I have found however that this is very difficult for many readers to follow. For instance, if you have started reading this blog while I was posting videos of our family, or writing about Ridgeview Church's RidgeStudent ministry then you are confused or bored when I offer facebook chat tips, or tell you how to change out the crank arm on your bicycle. For this reason, I am zooming in the focus of this blog, and expanding to add 2 other blogs that might interest you.

This blog, http://www.milowilson.blogspot.com/ will be about ministry related things, and how God is working in my life. Church planting, student ministry, worship leading, spiritual development, and my struggles along the way with these things as I try to pursue after the heart of God.

The second blog, http://www.milowilsonmedia.blogspot.com/ is where you can find tech tips on website development, social media networking, and anything else I find interesting along the way.

Then, the blog http://www.ridgeriderz.blogspot.com/ is about biking. This might be on a trail, on the road, in the city, or in the country, but it is all about the best way I know to exercise and see God's creation at the same time.

My wife Erin will continue to write incredible posts over at http://www.thewilsonheart.com/ . From time to time I will weigh in on the conversation. This is a blog about our family, and our journey through having a child with a rare and serious heart defect called HLHS. Our son Josiah passed away in January of 2010, but our family must continue on. This is our story.

Practically speaking, I doubt I will post any more often than I am already doing. However, separating the posts into different blogs will help me keep my thoughts in order. Like when I take the time to put all my polo shirts in color order in the closet, with color gradients moving from light to dark... that always feels good. :-) Plus it was fun to develop a couple new websites!

here is the RSS link if you want to follow all of these blogs...


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