New Piano Teacher You Need to Check Out!

Ok, so as a worship leader one of the biggest struggles we face is knowing how to utilize musicians who come from a more traditional, or classical background. Piano players specifically have a great deal of trouble making the transition from reading notes on a score to folling chord changes on a lead sheet, or a guitar chord chart. While these transitions are difficult, they are necessary.

That is why I am so excited to have Lauren Powers back with us in the upstate. I went to North Greenville University with Lauren, and I know personally about her expertise on the piano. Lauren just graduated from Belmont University in Nashville with her Masters in Piano Pedagogy and is opening a Piano Teaching Studio out of her home in Travelers Rest for the coming school year.

She is an experienced piano teacher who can teach all forms of playing from the highest of classical pieces to lead sheets, jazz charts and Nashville numbering system. Lauren taught last year in the Brentwood Baptist Academy and other Nashville venues as well as freshman keyboard class at Belmont. She has a true heart and giftedness for teaching all ages and a knack for finding where a student's interest is and leading them to develop that area of playing.

Upstate SC Worship Leaders: If you have a pianist you are trying to transition in the modern worship style, or a young player you are trying to develop. I encourage you to give Lauren a call. The number to call for registration or questions: 803.640.2321

Good to have you back Lauren!


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