Learning to Learn

I am having such a time of growth and learning in my life right now.

You know what that means in "real people" terms? I am being stretched, and it hurts.

I was never a person who thought I needed to attend college. But I did, and I needed every bit of it. I never thought I was a person who needed accountability in my life, but I do, and I need every bit of it.

I am learning so much from the 12 step community that meets here at www.theWELLbuffalo.com . We call in theHOPEcenter.  Supposedly I am there to be a help to them. They are helping me immensely.

Today's lesson is this. Be vulnerable.

Let me clarify. Being transparent means I allow you to see what skeletons I have in the closet. But thats it, I just show it to you.

Being vulnerable means I am willing to allow you  to speak into what you see in my life. Being vulnerable is much tougher than being transparent. That's what I am learning...


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