Is your church ready to grow?

Church Growth. 

We read books about it, we go to conferences about it, but we don't really know what to do with it when it happens. 

God has blessed us over the short existence of the community of faith we now know as theWELL. We have done some things right, done a number of things wrong, but God has shown his favor on us nonetheless. 

So we are growing, and rather quickly. Our biggest struggle however is staying ahead of growth. What do I mean by this? We want to be equipped     for the next level of growth before it happens. Believe me, its not easy  Here are a few things we are revisiting in our staff planning meetings this week. 

1. Signage - we need to be sure our guests can find their way around better  in 2012 than in 2011.
2. Healthy Journey Groups - a journey group leadership training weekend this fall will help ensure that the DNA of theWELL transfers to every person that attends. 
3. Quality control - when the church was 2 months old, we used to analyze every aspect of worship services to be certain we are putting our best effort out there to bring God the greatest glory. 
4. Kids programming - parents will deal with an uncomfortably warm worship center or less than ideal music quality for themselves, but tend to expect the very best for their kids. We want to be ready. 
5. Recast vision - our people need to be able to talk clearly about what their church community cares about. And they need to have experienced this to be true of their church. 

All of these things contribute to being prepared for church growth. Notice, you don't see mailers, water give - aways, or door to door campaigns. 

We haven't "promoted" our church as of yet. We believe people will tell their friends when they get excited about what God is doing in their life. 

Is your church ready to grow?

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  1. Good article Milo! I miss our dialogue of ideas on things like this, but I guess reading your blog is the next best thing (: