I Heart Buffalo - Love Your Neighbor

I once heard Tommy Hargrove preach a sermon on The Great Commandment. I was really taken back by the door-hinge illustration that he used to drive home the point - "All the Law and the prophets hinge on these two things." He always gave me a hard time about remembering that message, because it obviously resonated with me strongly, while the other 200 or more sermons I heard from Tommy while on staff at Ridgeview did not stick with me the same way. I used the same illustration when I preached from the same passage. You can watch it near the end of the video below. I pray that it affected someone else in the same way.

07-03-11 I Heart Buffalo - Love Your Neighbor from theWELLbuffalo on Vimeo.

Real change happens when people who love God take action to change their city. These people can be defined as city lovers. City lovers get free, get together, get on their knees and get to work. City lovers are in motion. For God, love is not an event, its His every move. Join us for the next five weeks for "I (heart) Buffalo" as we explore how God loves this awesome city we live in.

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  1. Good stuff Milo! Proud of what God is doing through you at The Well!