Praying To Stop The Locusts

Today's Bible reading took me through chapter 7 of the book of Amos. It starts out talking about a warning vision about locusts that would sweep through the grass of the land and destroy it.

I find this interesting, because for one reason or another the though of locusts is something I have not considered in a number of years. I guess its just something that I haven't had to deal with... well... ever. Interestingly enough, my girls are now hooked on the once popular animated series called "A Land Before Time." It is about dinosaurs and their struggles to escape from meat eating predators, and their constant struggle to find food. Its pretty cute too, not nearly as educational as I just made it appear. Nonetheless, one of the scenes I watched with Hazyl a couple mornings ago was about a swarm of locusts that came and destroyed everything green in the "Great Valley." Talk about a catastrophic turn of events!

Similarly, I remember reading through "The Little House on the Prairie" books as a kid. I read those books numerous times. My entire library of childhood reading could be summed up mostly between Laura Ingles Wilder, and Louis Lamour. Anyway, one of the chapters in "The Little House on the Prairie" talk about an enormous swarm of locusts coming and destroying the years crops. It was an enormous strain on the family and their rural community. Not only was it an inconvenience, it really might mean the difference between living and dying.

What were the locusts all about here in the book of Amos? The power of prayer. Prayer does effect God's actions. Repentance and brokenness can chart a new course for a nation or an individual. Amos took the role of an intercessor on the behalf of Israel, and God changed His mind.

Is there someone I should be praying on the behalf of?


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