Study in 3s

I am reading through 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 3 times this morning.

1st Reading: Observe

What's being said?
We all are in training, like someone training for a marathon, or a boxer for a prize fight. Train so that you can win. We will receive a prize, a crown for winning, one that has great value. So don't train aimlessly, without discipline, but train in a way that will produce results.

What stands out?
Vs 25. Everyone who competes exercises self control in everything.

2nd Reading: Interpret

What does this mean for me?
When I look at professional athletes, they are consumed. They work out, and they eat healthy, and they sleep. I don't do all these things, and it's no surprise I am not a professional athlete. But they are pursuing a temporary prize. I have no idea who won the last mens figure skating gold medal. But I am certain the competitors trained their tails off for it. I am after a prize that has much greater lasting value. Eternal value. However, if I don't practice self control across the board spiritually, I will not reach Gods potential for me in that category either.

3rd Reading: Apply
How does this apply to my life and to my community?
Today I feel God led me to this passage very specifically. I'm in the middle of building a regular training regiment of going to the gym and riding my bike. I know many other people have started the new year doing the same. Yet, if all I get at the end of the day is my body in better shape, I have come way short of setting a useful goal. A more useful goal would be to be an athlete that exercises self control in everything. Everything. Including a regular regiment of studying Gods Word.


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