What Would [Insert Name Here] Do?

I grew up in the era when the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelets and T-shirts were all the craze. I had a good selection of them myself, and even bought a FROG (Forever Relying On God) bracelet, before I realized it wasn't as "cool" as the other one. I still love the concept, although I don't like how a good reminder to walk as Jesus walked became a commercialized marketing ploy. But... it is still a good reminder.

Do you have anyone in your life that you would like to model your choices after? Other than Jesus himself I mean. If you were going to design a 2nd hypothetical bracelet to remind you to be a better person, do you have another name you could throw in there?For me, I have a couple names.

WWDD. What would dad do? My dad is a quirky fellow at times, (as many kids feel about their own parents), but I respect him so much. His greatest "quirk," is his absolute inability to lie. He his unbelievable terrible at telling a joke, playing a board game, or even card game that requires him to bluff, or stretch the truth. He has difficulty selling a car without telling away all the problems with it to a potential buyer, and he once bought me a lemon car, because he trusted the seller's word. But to him, honesty matters a great deal. So for me, a WWDD bracelet would be a fantastic accessory.

WWBD. What would Bohall do? Jeremy Bohall that is. Sgt Bohall and I were in the Marine Corps together at a time when I needed a strong Christian friend near me perhaps more than at any time in my life. I was 19, and Bohall was just a year older, but he personified who I wanted to become as a Marine, and as a man. Bohall was a different kind of Marine than anyone else I served with. He wasn't loud, and he wasn't intimidating, but when he spoke people listened. When he led people followed. It was and is very refreshing.

Jeremy's been incredibly loyal to me as a friend, and has been there for me in many of the most pivotal moments in my life.... and he has done so from the other side of the globe. He and his wife Petra are missionaries in Croatia. Bohall encouraged and inspired me to become a worship leader and pastor, and he is my favorite musician to play with... on any instrument. He is a man of absolute character and resolve, and undoubtedly would have a number of guys kicking a WWBD if they could.

Do you have a "What Would [Insert Name Here] Do" person? You should. In fact, you probably already do if you think about it. Maybe you should tell them thanks. This article is one way of me doing it. How will you do it?


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