"Get Motivated" Conference - Part Two Krish Dhanam

I had the opportunity last week to go to the "Get Motivated" conference last week at the First Niagara Center last week. While I wasn't overly motivated by every speaker, there were two that I really took a lot from. The first was Joe Montana. The second was Krish Dhanam.

Before this conference I had never heard of Krish Dhanam. But I was very impressed by the man. Here is what I googled about him afterwards: (From http://krishdhanam.com/) In many ways Krish Dhanam is the epitome of the American Dream. A native of India , he arrived in the United States with nine dollars in his pocket and a vision of promise in his heart. The American Dream from an Indian Heart is the unfolding of that journey and its hidden promise. In a practical and informative way, Krish showcases how the American Dream is still alive and well. He tackles the issues of faith, freedom, discipline, dignity, pride, possibility, work ethic and relationships with word pictures that will resonate with readers long after they put this book down.

Here are a few one line quotes I jotted down while he was speaking:
  • If your happy, tell your friends
  • Mirror mirror on the wall. Here I am. What's my call
  • Above all. Love and bless your children. Your mine and I live ou.
  • Marriage is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand.
  • If my wife ever leaves me I'm going with her.
  • Political correctness stifles meaningful communication.
  • There is only one time that everyone will say nice things about you. When you are flat on your back.
  • We are kinder to a $5 dog and a $3 cat than we are to our families.
  • Beware of those who dream with their eyes open. They will change the world.
  • Give more than you have. Leave more  than you take. Offer praise to your inner circle. Ask yourself who's praise matters.
  • When your problems are overwhelming you, find someone with bigger problems. Help them. Watch your problems fade away.
Most of all, I was impressed with Krish's ability to share his faith in a public marketplace context. Right when the conference was breaking for lunch, they dismissed everyone to lunch, but told is that Krish was coming back out for a 10 minute bonus session (really well done way of doing this by the "Get Motivated" planners)that would deal with spirituality and how it connects with success. In 10 minutes Krish layed out the gospel in a very beautiful way. Class act.

Someone else recorded it in a different city and put it on YouTube. Take a look!

watch it on youtube


  1. Amazing. I know Krish and admire the way he shares his faith. Great post.

  2. Thanks for sharing and creating this video.

    I must say, I never saw Krish be so religious. Not that I have a problem with it, but this was interesting!

    Do you have a video of his other time speaking at the event?