Think Spring

After a hard Buffalo winter, there is absolutely no question that spring is in the air. Leaves are budding, grass is sprouting, and all the little animals are coming out to play. It seems like every living creature is excite to be moving about freely again.

Spring is also an exciting time for Renewal Church. New life is compelling, and new life is energizing. We see new faces every Sunday, and we are beginning to experience the HOPE that forms when a community forms together. And HOPE is a compelling thing. HOPE will motivate us to do and try things we never imagined. HOPE is a beautiful gift from God. 

HOPE is that feeling you have when you walk out in the morning and realize you won't need to wear a jacket, ski mask, and long johns for the rest of your life. HOPE is when you start to believe that God cares for the 14120 zip code more than you and I ever could. HOPE is breath of fresh air.

Invite someone to join you this Sunday at 6pm. Invite them to ReNew HOPE through relational discipleship communities that form through shared relationships at our weekly family gatherings. Invite them to breathe some fresh air.



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