New Sermon Series: The Seven Churches of Revelation

How often do you remember your dreams? What dream is most vivid in your memory right now? Every year, here in the United States at least, the month of October is riddled with new horror movies at the box office. That's fine, but you won't find me there. I quit going long ago.

Why? Because I like to sleep. The very few movies from this genre I have seen, will generally keep me awake at night listening to every little pin-drop of sound, and every tiny squeak and creak of a quiet house. I end up very wigged out for weeks.

Some of us feel the same way about the book of Revelation. How many of us have not read Revelation, because it just seems spooky? Or when you meet any of the people who say they understand it, they're just weird. 

Or how many of you have read it, and it just freaked you out? You're sleeping with a helmet on, one eye open, and the light's on. You're like, "That is a scary book. The beast, the false prophet, the antichrist, blood flowing. You know what, I'm scared." 

Here's what Revelation is about. Here's who Revelation is about: Jesus Christ. In the history of the world, there has never been a more important, influential, and polarizing person than Jesus Christ. In the Seven Churches of Revelation, we'll explore the seven reactions of seven ancient churches that sit in ruins today—and discover what we as the church today can learn from Jesus' words to those churches in the book of Revelation.

See You Sunday ay 10!

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  1. I love hearing about you Milo!! I really can picture you super scared in your house with lights in the closet on!! Can't wait to learn about this on Sunday!!!!!