ReAwaken LOVE: Meet One of Renewal's Missionaries This Sunday Oct 12

Renewal Church gives away more than 15% of every dollar that comes in through our books each month. Occasionally, we are able to have one of the 10 missionaries/agencies Renewal Church supports in our congregation with us. This Sunday, it is Joanne Tompkins and she is a missionary in the Gambia West Africa.  She works with the Wolof people there who are mostly Muslim, and has been serving for twenty years. The focus of her personal ministry is to Gambian women and children who speak the Wolof language. Joanne is part of a church-planting team whose focus is the rural area of the Gambia. The Wolof people are an unreached, resistant people group with only a very small percentage who are Christians. Most are Muslim and have been for hundreds of years. 

Joanne's prayer is that "if our ministry continues in this way the next twenty years will see God's church firmly established among the Wolof people. The Wolofs are resistant to to change, but they are also the culture changers of West Africa. People who live with the Wolof become Wolof. Imagine the impact of bold Wolof Christian communities!"

Come and meet our exciting missionary this Sunday, Oct 12 at Renewal Church, and be challenged to ReAwaken LOVE for your community as well! 


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