Candlelight Christmas Eve 6:30 PM at Renewal Church 2014

So this is Christmas and, the more I think about it, it's all very appropriate. We tend to associate Christmas with preparation and organization. We shop, plan, decorate, dress and clean up. All this to commemorate an instance that was anything but. Mary and Joseph had no time to make plans and prepare but found themselves caught in a setting that bordered on deplorable. A birth in a cold, stinking stable. A baby placed in a crib that was far from cozy, sterile or hypoallergenic. No, a manger coated with dried spittle and decaying bits of cud from the livestock that dined there. Had they even the opportunity for the slightest bit of planning it would have seen them far away from anything like this. Yet it's into this dirty setting, populated by frazzled and unprepared people, that God comes bringing life and hope.  - Rolf Geyling

Come ReNew HOPE with us this year! See You Christmas Eve at 6:30pm at 530 Meadow Drive.


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