Don't You Waste A Good Snowstorm!

This winter in Buffalo has been more like what most people from around the country expect of us. A few major storms, and a continual cumulative piling up of the white stuff all around. Have you made the most of it? Have you taken advantage of it?

I don't just mean going skiing, or ice skating at the awesome new rink at the new Canalside downtown. I am referring to the incredible opportunity you have to connect with the people around you. Each morning, I am finding it easier and easier to engage with neighbors as we each brush off cars and dig out of our driveways. Occasionally, I can share God's love in a practical way with someone by having their driveway clean for them when they return from work. And, to my surprise the favor has been returned just as often as I give it.

Suddenly, we all have something in common. Its Buffalo against the weather I guess. But don't miss it. These are launch points for Gospel centered conversations to come! Have you made the most of this great opportunity?

Thank You!

Milo Wilson


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