What Makes Community Extraordinary?

Recently I was given the book "Life in Community" by Dustin Willis. Listen to his great perspective on what community is all about.

When people live in community moved by the Gospel and marked by the Spirit, great things happen. They commit to one another. They grieve together, sing together, eat, pray, and play together. They love, serve, honor, encourage, and provide for each other gladly. And they live on mission together.

Hearts are healed, walls come down, and outsiders come in. No competition. No pretense. No vain conceit. Just full hearts breaking bread and giving freely. It is nothing short of amazing. Most of us live in a shadow of what God intended for us. Join together to display the Gospel. Help unleash the power of extraordinary community.

I have the privilege of hearing stories in the last week of numerous ways that Randall and Renewal Church(s) have been living life in community together, from providing meals to someone who has been sick, to cleaning the church to be ready for Sunday's gatherings, to being with someone grieving the recent loss of a loved one. Thats what community is all about.

What makes community extraordinary to you?

Milo Wilson


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