Bundle Up Buffalo 2015

Did you know that Buffalo is a city speaking over 40 different languages? The 2010 census saw an uptick in the population of Buffalo for the first time in decades, and many attribute that increase to the growing Refugee population in the city. How can you help? It's not easy, and 50% of  do refugees not speak English as their first language.

According to Jericho Road Ministries on the west side of Buffalo, in essence, all refugees initiate their lives in the U.S. at a crisis point. Having survived traumatic situations, they arrive in the U.S. with little other than the debt that must be paid for their travel. 

Even though their intent is self-sufficiency, now they face barriers in poverty, language, education, culture, trauma, and fear. Compounding the situation, Federal services provided to refugees reduce significantly six months after arrival, leaving refugees in a foreign land, unable to speak the language, and unequipped to proficiently navigate the systems.

How to help? Bundle Up Buffalo 2015 is a very practical way you can get involved! For the next 2 Sunday's at both Randall and Renewal Churches, we will be collecting winter clothes to deliver to Jericho Road for their annual distribution event October Saturday October 24th from 9-12pm. 

Bundle Up Buffalo is your chance to tangibly meet the needs of the underserved in our city as well as play a part in carrying out the mission of Jericho Road Community Health Center. 

Let's do something tangible together!
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Milo Wilson


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