Websites: ReThinking the Church's Front Door

I had a friend tell me recently of a church with a large set of ornate doors that were kept open 24 hours a day. Now, in full disclosure they had an inner set of door that were kept locked the majority of the time, but those open doors said something to those passing by. "Come in whenever you are ready."

Increasingly church websites are the new front door to the worshiping community. Monk Development reports that 61% of respondents they surveyed said the church website was "somewhat to very important in my decision to attend [their current] church." Yet, according to Lifeway Research, only 78% of churches even have a website. While that statistic may seem high, less than half of those churches use their site for interactive purposes.

Suppose you happen upon a conversation with a new parents at your daughter's school telling you about some frustrations in their marriage.  You casually say, "This helps us, maybe it'd be worth a shot? Do you want to come to church with us once to try it out?" Your new friend thinks that's a good idea and agrees to meet you there before the service.

What happens next? This person needs to know where the church is, what time it meets, and get an idea of what to expect.

For situations just like this, we have done a pretty significant overhaul to our family-network of church websites. The door's open. Come on in and look around whenever you are ready. We'd love to have you be a familiar face! I'll see you there!

Milo Wilson


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