From The Receiving End of Christmas Shoeboxes

Some of you have noticed that I carry around my keys with a Croatian flag attached. This is to remind me to pray for my best friend and my best man Jeremy and his wife Petra who have been living and serving in Orahovica, Croatia since 2007. Interestingly, Jeremy and Petra have been on the receiving end of the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes, and I thought it would be exciting for you to hear from their side of the partnership.

Christmas shoeboxes have served our local church in Croatia tremendously. Every year our church receives a list of people who are living in poverty in our area. We create invitations based on the number of packages we receive from abroad and host a program with a puppet show, music and a short message in which the gospel is presented. Afterwards we hand out the packages to each person who attends. At the very least the packages allow us to reach out to those in our community who may not receive anything for Christmas. But it also helps create a bridge between the church and the community that may lead to long-lasting relationships. I've written more about my experience on our ministry blog, check it out! Puppets and Packages

-Jeremy Bohall

This coming Sunday Nov 15th is the final day to bring in your Christmas Shoeboxes for 2015. My kids had a tremendous time gathering supplies for the shoeboxes they are sending. I encourage you to use this as a family exercise in ReAwakening LOVE for your fellow man. You will be encouraged and blessed.

Thank You!

Milo Wilson


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