3 Exciting Ways Randall / Renewal Churches are Serving ThIs Week

1. Children's Christmas Pageant - Randall
Most of us with kids in elementary school have attended a packed house auditorium at some point in the last 10 days to see our kids perform their "Holiday Concert." Sunday Dec 20th at 10am is a Christmas production built on a similar premise: if there are cute kids on the stage, the family will come! We have even moved Sundays's gathering time back 15 minutes to the 10am slot to accommodate for a packed house and an extended program as families come to see their kids on stage. Pray that they hear the Gospel proclaimed clearly! Email KingsKids@RandallChurch.org to serve in a specific way.

2. Northtown's Boys and Girls Club Christmas - Renewal
Renewal has been working for a couple years to to partner with organizations in the city that are reaching families in our community with the least amount access to resources, and the greatest potential for impact. The Boys and Girls Club will be hosting their Christmas Party this year for all 400 of their kids in the various clubs around the Northowns. Much of the gymnasium wing of our facility, which we are now beginning to call the "Community Renewal Center," will be transformed into a Christmas village for the 400 kids and 50 workers. Come and serve Monday December 21st anytime from 9am - 9pm and work with club volunteers make a kid's Christmas this year. Pray that great opportunities to talk about Jesus' birth will emerge while working shoulder to shoulder. Email Christmas@RenewalChurchNT.com for more info on how to get involved.

3. #BoxesofLoveNT - Renewal 
Renewal has teamed up with Lumber City Church, Nash Road Church, and the North Tonawanda Schools to provide Christmas Boxes of Love for 89 families to date. Each of the 4 organizations mentioned has committed to care for at least 25 of the families in need. The response has been an incredibly unifying force in our zip code. Tuesday December 22nd at 6:30pm ALL sponsors from these organizations need to bring their yellow boxes of love FULL of wrapped gifts and groceries to Grant School off of Payne Ave where we will do a quick huddle and gift check before dispersing into the community to deliver Christmas to hurting families all over the district. Pray that these boxes of love are not the end of the story. Pray that they open a door for Gospel presence between sponsors and recipients, school employees and church volunteers, as well as city leaders and school officials. Volunteers need to arrive at Grant at 5:45 pm. Email Mike@RenewalChurchNT.com for additional info.

How are you going to serve your community this Christmas?

Milo Wilson


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