A ReMARKable Life

The gospel of Mark is a short, action-packed book that focuses on how Jesus Christ is the Messiah for every man, woman, and child. Christ--fully man, fully God. But Jesus wasn't the rescuer God's people had imagined, and many didn't recognize Jesus as their answer to prayer. We, too, can miss out on what God wants for us if we're only looking for answers that fit our expectations. Join us for this series as we explore Jesus' heart for people and we can change the world by serving one person at a time and helping them connect with God.

1. Preparing The Way For Christ to Shine (Mark 1:1-13)
2. Reaching a Region and Ready For Conflict (Mark 1:14-3:12)
3. Following The Call Of Christ (Mark 3:13-6:6a)
4. More than a Story Teller (Mark 6:6b - 7)
5. Dealing with Difficulties and Doubts (Mark 8:1-21)
6. The Turning Point (Mark 8:22-38)
7. Seeing Christ for Who He Is (Mark 9:1-10:12)
8. A Kingdom Of Children (Mark 10:13-52)
9. Real Faith and Real Forgiveness (Mark 11:12-25)
10. Walking Away From Jesus (Mark 11:27-12:44)
11. Building A Legacy That Lasts (Mark 13:1-37)
12. Shallow Worship (Mark 11:1-11; 14:1-31)
13. Truth on Trial and Getting The King's Treatment (Mark 14:32-15:47)
14. Why the Resurrection Matters (Mark 16:1-6)

Milo Wilson


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