Why Do We Bother With VBS?

Do you ever wonder why your church does Vacation Bible School (VBS)? Sure, it is fun and there are some great chances to enjoy the kids. Oh – yes – and also there are those cool snacks! But really – why do VBS?

In real terms, as Jeanne Burnes of Midwestern Seminary specifically reports, "Vacation Bible School is still, with all of the other things going on in church life in the 21st Century, the most effective tool we have to reach boys and girls for Jesus." For churches that want to make it happen, it can be a major opportunity to reach kids, families, and their community for Jesus.

Consider a few things that churches can do in order to make VBS this year a connecting tool for their community. Each area will require its own plan, but it is worth the effort. 

1. Will you be willing to intentionally interact with parents and families that are not part of the regular attending core of your church? While many VBS guests come from other church families, many do not. Take the time to connect. Take the time to learn names. Relationships make the world go round. 

2. Will you be willing to schedule one follow up family activity the week following VBS? This could be a trip to the zoo, a playdate at the playground, or a meet-up at the ice-cream shop. The church doesn't shut down after 1 week of activities, and growing relationships shouldn't either. Do you see these children as worthy of ongoing ministry? 

3. Will you be willing to direct and introduce parents and families back to the "primary" church leadership? This may be a pastor, a staff member, or a regular childcare worker, but the point of the introduction is to help that family connect with someone who they will recognize when they return to a worship gathering at a later date.

4. Will you be willing to pray? We know God wants these children and families to know Him. Let's invite Him to lead us in this eternity-altering effort. Pray for each part of this important experience – the preparation, the leaders and teachers, the church members who will host kids and families, the children who will attend, their parents and siblings, safety and good experiences during the week, a commitment to follow-up, and for God to be honored by the way we do His work.

Thank You!

Pastor Milo


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