Why Gather Your Neighbors Together For A Block Party?

To be honest, I've got my head in the clouds this morning. For the second year in a row, we have been able to connect 50 neighbors together and enjoy a beautiful summer evening together. Why? It's simple. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare to face to face, person to person human interaction.

Two weeks ago, we went door to door and invited the 95 homes on our street. The invite was pretty simple. We provided old fashioned soda pops and a bounce house. The invite was for 7pm on a Wednesday night when most people don't have another conflict. Eat dinner at home and bring a desert to share in the middle of the street. And our neighbors delivered!

One neighbor surprised everyone with a balloon artist, another with a magical guest named Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen, another brought out a family of rabbits as a petting zoo, and lastly a neighbor showed up with his DJ equipment.

We insisted on name tags, and then the rest happen organically. Our friends and community talked and laughed together for a full 2 hours and then some, and without any prompting all pitched in on the cleanup process. After all, they live here. They want it to look good in the morning too!

Relationships make the world go round. Intentional time for relationships however is something our world doesn't make enough time for. True relationships are the bridge by which the Gospel can travel. Do you believe that a face to face connection has unparalleled importance as I do? I'd love to interact with you on how you can prompt a block party on your own street. The door is always open. Let's talk!

Pastor Milo


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