Call Out Alert For Disaster Relief to Baton Rouge !!!!

An estimated 40,000 homes were damaged in the Louisiana floods. Thousands of families have lost everything. That's why we are asking you today to consider dropping everything and join one of the local teams heading south.

Even a small group of about 8-10 volunteers will make a huge impact. Volunteers are in for a messy but necessary job by bringing hope to those who need it most. 
What we could do in even three and a half days on the ground, victims couldn't have done in three weeks. 

We will go into the homes that have been assessed by Baptist Disaster Relief assessors and we will be basically gutting the house. We will be taking the dry wall down that's been wet, insulation out, the flooring up, any contents that have been wet. We are responsible for our own transportation, but everything else will be organized by Baptist Disaster Relief when we arrive.

We haven't committed for certain to go, but we are definitely gauging interest to see if we can send out a team(s) from Randall / Renewal Church. We are looking at Sept.1, 2016 to go for about ten days.  If you are available to serve all or even a portion during this time or can go at another time, please call or email right away.

Thank You!

Milo Wilson


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