In All Things Give Thanks

Hello friends, this post will be short and sweet. Just want to send out to you what was distributed to the congregation at our Friends and Family Thanksgiving Meal. These meals will happen every year the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Palm Sunday, and the second Sunday in June for our annual business meeting. As far as what was distributed in this meeting, please look at the attached PDFs below. 

Whether its future, present, or past, we have much to be thankful for at Randall Church.

1. First, I took a few minutes to communicate the future: casting vision for a church serving the next generation that commits to a DNA that equips you to find your place upward, inward and outward. Look for the brand statement "Randall Church: Find Your Place" to become a driving statement in all that we do. I also drew a picture of care corridors meeting needs all over our region, using geography as a way to bind us together, as well as send us out!

2. Secondly, I took a few minutes to communicate the present: discussing our current financial status, as well as attendance trends. We have tailored back our organizational spending significantly, but I pinpointed the immediate need of an additional $4000 a month in giving, which translates to 8-10 additional giving/tithing family units. From an attendance standpoint we have been consistently gathering 250-275 people every Sunday which is the healthiest we have been in 18-24 months. We have 75 kids in weekly attendance as well as 25 youth on the roles for Sunday electives and youth community groups! We baptized two people in the last month, and have two more scheduled for baptism in December. Another metrics I like to gauge is the amount of time people stay after a worship gathering on a Sunday. I feel like this is a telling statistic in relation to the overall health of the congregation. As of late, we consistently have a large number of people connecting with one another for 30 min to an hour after our programming comes to a close. This is to be celebrated!

3. Finally, I took a moment to communicate the past: celebrating and thanking God for sustaining us in what has been a difficult year, and bringing together a leadership time (staff, elders, deacons, and deaconesses) committed to one another and to carrying the Gospel forth at Randall for many years to come! I am convinced that God is on the move in WNY, and I am so grateful for how he has brought us all together.

I trust you have great plans for thanksgiving, and wonderful friends and family to share the holiday with. Enjoy one another. Be gracious in your conversation as well as your time with one another. And if you can, after that turkey settles a bit in your stomach; rest.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Pastor Milo


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