The Greatest Story Ever Told, Baptism, and Church Membership.

I love a good story. I love telling a good story as well as hearing a good story. And this time of year, the stories are plentiful. Whether it's the classic Christmas stories of  "It's a Wonderful Life," or "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," or even if it's the song "Christmas Shoes," that unrelentingly resurfaces on countless Christmas radio stations and finds success again, each of these stories have something compelling in common. Do you know what it is? A changed life.

Changed lives have to power to change the world. This week if you missed it, we had the honor of baptizing two more individuals who decided to publicly proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ through immersion. Today we share with you the Grace Stories and changed lives of Dawn Stewart and Daniel Tyson. We expect your heart to be touched by the way God is at work in our region, and in our congregation. 

Dawn Stewart Grace Story

Daniel Tyson Grace Story

Equally exciting, we were happy to extend the right hand of fellowship to our newest DNA Members at Randall Church. Like Dawn and Daniel, the following individuals took a public step and partnered with us on mission to help every man, woman, and child find your place Upward in Christ, Inward in the Church, and Outward in the Community. They believe that we truly are #BetterTogether!

Kevin and Jenn Lamb
Tim and Sue McDowell
Steven and Katherine Waldvogel
Jen Atten
Peter Barone
Bryan Long
Dawn Stewart

It's just unbelievable. And yet, we are convinced that the best is yet to come!

Won't you join us and come 15 min early this coming Sunday at 10:00am, as we share the greatest story ever told through the mouths of children. They have worked incredibly hard on their lines, songs, and places on the stage. We have worked very hard to create an environment that will engage every person that comes through our doors. Invite a friend, take lots of pictures, listen to a relevant message, and stay for the cookie reception to follow. We'd love to have you.

And maybe, just maybe, this would be the way your story of life change begins...

See You Sunday! Merry Christmas 

Pastor Milo


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