What Are You [Not] Doing For Christmas?

Here is what very few people are able to do for Christmas, or even for that matter, the month of December... ...Rest. 

The late Steve Jobs was not a theologian, evangelist, or pastor, but he was once credited with saying: "Deciding what NOT to do is as important as deciding what to do." I tend to agree.

We know that every single person in our congregation is busy. Every one of you is trying to schedule holiday parties at work, see your kids in their school's winterland music production, and then if there is time maybe even get in some gift shopping for the ones you love. In the end, each of has to decide what we will NOT be able to participate in this year. 

Rather than make a list of the things we are NOT doing as a church this year, here is what we ARE doing, and the schedule of events for Randall Church in the month of December. We have intentionally left out some things from this list that many specific groups are involved with. While those are great, and we will promote them elsewhere, the goal here is to address the things that affect the entire congregation, as well as the anticipated guests to our church will have join us in the month of December. 

Here are a few things to be aware of as you look to find your place here at Randall this Christmas season.

1. Sunday December 11th - Randall Baptisms and Grace Stories 
 - We look forward to some visitors and guests joining us at our regular 10:15amworship gathering to see their loved ones take a step of faith in believers baptism. Come anticipating stories of lives changed. God uses our stories to tell His own narrative of Grace for all mankind.

2. Sunday December 18th - Randall Kids Christmas Pageant
 - We look forward to have oodles of grandparents and extended family coming to see their little ones dressed like the cutest sheep and chubby little wise men that you ever saw! TIME CHANGE ALERT: Our worship gathering will begin at 10:00am to accommodate for an extended music presentation from the kids and a cookie reception will follow. What a great day for the entire family!

3. Saturday December 24th - Christmas Eve Gathering
- We hope that you will join us for a wonderful community and family tradition we celebrate together on Christmas Eve. Our worship gathering will begin at 6:30pm and will structured in a way to keep the attention of every child in the room, as well as finish with the traditional candlelight singing of Silent Night. Celebrate with us as we reset and remind ourselves of that first worship service in the little town of Bethlehem. 

4. Sunday December 25th - Christmas Day Gathering
 - Many will decide to stay home and celebrate Jesus' birthday around their individual Christmas trees, but we do want to have an opportunity for those who want to come together Christmas morning to do so. TIME CHANGE ALERT: Our worship gathering will begin at 11:15am, and will once again be structured in a way to keep the entire family's attention. We will get you out the door in plenty of time to make your lunch appointment over the river and through the woods at Grandmother's house. Our desire is for your home to be a great start to the Christmas morning, and for those who choose to join us at 6301 Main Street this year will support and further enhance the excitement of a wonderful day of celebration of Jesus Christ!

Christmas Is Coming!

Pastor Milo


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