Mapping Old Genealogy and Motivating New Generations

It is estimated that 40% of Americans can trace their history back to Ellis Island. In fact, attracts forty to sixty thousand unique visitors every day. Gary L. McIntosh reports that genealogists indicate that 6 in 10 of Americans are employing multiple types of sources, researching their family history to shed light on the past - and the future! 

In most communities the local church is a wealth of history, both in it's archived monuments and in it's active membership. Ironically however, multigenerational churches are rare and rapidly disappearing even while the next generation is actively searching for their roots.

Does your church know how to connect these two camps? Most likely not. But are they willing to embrace and engage in the discussion? I certainly hope so. As developing leaders we are to be desperate in our search for wisdom and counsel as we make the tough decisions that affect generations to come. So there has to be a way. There has to be connecting points along the journey doesn't there? 

Here is our attempt at providing a pathway that a multigenerational church can travel together. We invite every man, woman and child "find their place"  in three relationships: UPward in Christ, INward in the Church and OUTward in the Community. 

Where else but the local church do a 9 year old and a 99 year old have a place to be on a weekly basis? Where else but the local church are people of every generation at a place unified behind a common mission and common purpose? Where else but the local church will you find a place developing people with Jesus' expectation they are to reach the world with the Gospel?

We are a heritage of faith for the next generation. Find your place.

Pastor Milo


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