Your Heritage of Faith

At Randall, we have established that "Fifth Sunday is Family Sunday." We have kids involved in greeting, ushering, music, as well as our tech team. One addition this month we are adding is the family choir. Now, when it comes to the mission and focus of the local church, it should be noted that "choir singing," or children's ministry" cannot be found anywhere in the book of Acts. Why do we do it then?

While children are not part of a specific missions strategy plan, we do see in Paul in Acts 16 take young Timothy under his wing and begin training him and developing him for carrying on the mission of making the name of Jesus famous to everyone, Jew or Gentile. As well, this passage concludes by saying "So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers" (Acts 16:5). God was blessing this approach to reaching the lost!

Just like young Timothy, we are able to celebrate generations later the legacy and heritage of faith of those spiritual giants who have gone before us. But what do each these individuals all have in common regardless of their specific time slot in history? An intentional drive and purpose for being certain that the mission of God is carried out not just a year from now, or ten years from now, but a hundred years from now. Now that is a legacy. What about you? What is your heritage of faith?

As I stated earlier, choir singing or a worship band are not necessarily part of the mission of God. However the church functioning as the healthy body of Christ is! The reason we worship each Sunday is not to elevate one another, but to elevate the One Almighty. The direct purpose of singing together is not musical quality, but missional community. This is why we take four Sundays a year to incorporate multiple generational preferences all into one space. We want to be a heritage of faith for the next generation. We invite every man, woman, and child to "find your place." Maybe your "place" is in the choir?

Stretch yourself. Try something different. It will be fun! We are making it easy for singers of all ages to join us. Two songs, and two rehearsals. Bring your voice and bring your entire family to practice Thursday, January 26th at 7PM, and Sunday January 29th at 8:30AM.

Pastor Milo


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