Church Is A Team Sport

Our family loves to be outside and play sports. Specifically right now, we have spent our Sunday afternoons on the ski slopes learning the art of carving nice turns and good form while parallel skiing. Now, as the weather turns so does our focus. Our kids are involved in travel soccer, and its so much fun to see them progress on and off the field as a team.

The two sports are quite different. While both have elements of social interaction, one is clearly an individual sport while excelling in the other can only be accomplished by a team. And conversely, an individualist who is only focused on their own play, will stick out like a sore thumb in a team environment. Learning to work as a team is a process. But a beautiful thing when it all comes together!

Church is a team sport. In fact, the Church is God's sole strategy for reaching the world with the Gospel, and he intended for it to be done in a way that utilizes the entire body of Christ; utilizing the entire team. 

How are you at being a team player?

Pastor Milo


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