The Real Value Meal: Friends and Family Eating Together

Rutgers University recently released a report that showed that the family dinner up until 2003 was on the decline in the United States. Since that time, it has been encouraging to see that the percentage of American families sharing the family dinner ritual has begun to rise again.

The family meal provides anchoring for everyone's day. It emphasizes the importance of the family. The dinner table is one way in which a family provides stability and support to its members by combining combining two basic needs: nourishment and connection! And there's nothing else quite like it.

Similarly, the local church needs ways to help emphasize the importance of the church body, and provide stability and support for her own friends and family. Gathering for a meal is a great way to do this, and setting the time aside will have to be intentional.

It seems that getting everyone around the table can be a huge juggling exercise for overworked parents and overscheduled children. However, many parents have begun marshaling their best organizational skills to carve out a few more family meals. The local church would be wise to do the same.

At Randall Church, we have set aside three friends and family meals a year in order to assist every man, woman, and child to find their place. Here is what we are trying to be intentional about when we share a meal:
  1. Orientation for our new friends and guests
  2. Communication for our core families and partners
  3. Unification for our entire body of believers

We invite you to join us Sunday, April 2nd following our 10:15 Worship Gathering. We commit to respect your time. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Pastor Milo



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