We Invite You To Invite This Easter Weekend!

I had the privilege of getting away with our family from Wednesday to Wednesday this last week, driving far enough south to get the exposed back of my neck and ears sunburned at the beach in GA, even though I was still wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants. We really had a great time together camping, biking, and exploring Jekyll Island as a family before heading inland to visit extended family on the return trip.

We wound up worshipping Palm Sunday with my cousin and church planter Jacob Edwards in Aiken, SC at Crossroads Church for the first time in 3 years. It was so encouraging to see what God has been doing in the life of that particular expression of faith. Conversations were buzzing about opportunities for purchasing a permanent facility where they would really capitalize on sustained community presence and exposure to build relationships and proclaim the Gospel.

Then, we pit stopped in Asheville, NC where my brother in law and church planter John Mark Redwine was gearing up for a major community outreach event for The Gathering Church. Their office white board was absolutely full of to-do lists and volunteer team responsibilities. Boxes of Easter eggs, invite cards and stack of event stick signs filled the workspace, and phone calls, emails, and excited communication efforts spun in every direction.

In fact, our family traveled some 2,300 miles over the last 7 days. Preparations for Easter, and various forms Gospel saturation were evident at churches and neighborhoods along the entire route. To my delight upon my arrival at our church this morning, I found our facility to have a similar flurry of activity. We are full of anticipation for a meaningful Good Friday Service followed by a glorious Resurrection Sunday Morning celebration! 

At Randall Church, as an organization, we are preparing ourselves. Easter can be a focused season of opportunity for inviting new people to hear clear communication of the Good News for those who may not already have a meaningful relationship with Jesus. 

If you would be willing to do your part in inviting your friends, neighbors, and co-workers, we commit to do our part in not embarrassing you. We commit to doing things with excellence and intentionality, so that first they have a great experience in our worship gathering, but more importantly that they clearly hear the Gospel.

We invite you to invite others to celebrate with us this weekend! He is Risen!

Three days our Savior suffered
In the depth of hell alone
His Father could not join Him
For our sins had to be atoned.

That's not the end of this story
For a dead Savior would not do
He conquered death in all His glory
His resurrection gives us life anew!

Hallelujah - What a Saviour!
He is risen - He is risen indeed! 
     -- Betty Amon Goehle 2006


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