What The Church Can Learn From 100 Days in the Trump Presidency

Since Inauguration Day, we've seen a lot of emotional outbreaks from the people of America — people on separate ends of the political spectrum, on separate ends of what it should mean to be a person of faith in America. Regardless of what camp you fall into, there are some key principles for the church to embrace.

Words Matter
The Trump Presidency stumbled out of the gate with a majorly unnecessary blunder that had to with crowd size at the inauguration. As a self proclaimed "truth teller," the President and his staff undermined much of their own momentum by refusing to acquiesce the truth of the matter. What they spoke about got them way off track. The local church needs to understand the weight of the words we carry. Will we be known for what Jesus would be known for, or will we get distracted by the petty and unimportant issue of the day, and allow those talking points to overshadow the words we should be communicating most. Words of faith, of hope, and of love. Words Matter.

Change Is Difficult
The Trump Presidency has moved rapidly in signing executive orders, and ramping up efforts to make sweeping changes to health care, tax code, and immigration reform. However, he has found that even with a congressional majority, change is always difficult. The local church needs to be reminded that many things take a long time to change. Internal changes like generational worship preferences are one example, but external changes need to be considered as well. How the local church is received and perceived by the immediate surrounding community may take years to develop. Don't make the mistake of putting up a new or catchy sign and assuming that that is all it will take for the people to flood in. Change is difficult.

The World Is A Scary Place
The Trump Presidency has been confronted by a number of potentially terrifying scenarios in regards to foreign powers like Russia, North Korea, Syria, and an increasingly unstable Middle East. Assuming that everything will simply work out in the wash would be a foolish and imprudent move by those in national leadership. Similarly, the local church would be negligent if we fail to recognize the work of the enemy; the great pretender, and the author of confusion, Satan himself. He is tirelessly at work in opposition the the Church; Christ's bride. The world is a scary place.

Christ Is On The Throne
The Trump Presidency may be something that gives you great hope, or it may cause you to lose sleep at night. Many have called him the greatest president in modern history, while other have called for his immediate impeachment. Regardless of who resides in the White House and what agenda they pursue, Christians are to pray for their government leader's well-being. Furthermore, the local church is most effective when we do not lose our heads over Washington politics. Instead, we keep our eyes fixed on the author and the finisher of our faith. We know there will always be someone seated in the oval office. But Christ is on the throne!


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