How To Be An Introverted Evangelist

The Dilemma 
The Gospel of Mark opens with a strong character and personality that many of us think of when we think of an evangelist. John the Baptist is portrayed eating wild locust and honey, covered in camel hair shouting "repent!" to people passing by. While mirroring this approach today (minus the camel hair and locusts) may certainly be effective, it requires an extrovert evangelist who isn't afraid to talk to strangers and generally loves being around people. What if that just isn't your personality type?

Here are 3 ways introverts can engage the world with the Gospel.

1. Build Intentional Daily Patterns - The introvert is uncomfortable in situations where they are confronted with new people, and new conversations. However, by stopping and walking in at the same gas station each week, walking in the same coffee house each morning, or getting haircut at the same barbershop / salon each time, people and places begin to have a familiarity about them that make it much easier for an introvert to engage others in conversation over time.

2. Serve Missionally Through Prayer - The introvert is uncomfortable going and knocking on doors and asking people to fill out surveys. However, by prayer walking out a neighborhood, and looking for physical clues in the community like children's equipment strewn about the yard, or an unusually high number of handicap accessible ramps in an area, neighborhoods start to take personality and shape that make it much easier for an introvert to team up with others to impact the area for Christ.

3. Recognize Own Dependence On God - The introvert is uncomfortable walking up to a complete stranger and sharing the Four Spiritual Laws or some other evangelism strategy. However, an extrovert can be keenly un-aware of the uncomfortable posture of the person they are speaking with. Perhaps an acute awareness and sensitivity to other's emotional state of being, along with a desperate reliance on God for strength in communicating His truth is the introvert's greatest advantage. 

The Bottom Line
God has promised to draw people unto Himself. Your job is to simply lift God up for the world to see. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether you are energized by being around people or recharged by being alone, the most important role of any Christian is to carry the Message of Jesus Christ.  

Pastor Milo


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