Randall Update: Summer 2017

Surprisingly when a person trains for endurance rides, only a small portion of the training is physical. Most of the effort is actually mental. When your body has become fatigued, and things don't make a lot of sense, can you continue to press onward? Where is your focus?

These are the questions that the local church need to consider: Will the Church continue to pursue God for strength and motivation when the going gets tough? Will we raise up the next generation to do the same? As the author of Hebrews states, will we look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith?

In 2026, Randall Church will be 200 years old. In these next 9 years, the facilities we enjoy may not be in disrepair, the people we recognize may still greet one another each Sunday, and the programs we know may not have reached the end of their usefulness. But in 59 years they certainly will have. So, we can rest easy for the next 9 years, or we can choose to pursue. Pursue a heritage of faith that leaves a legacy. Pursue a heritage of faith that leaves His name on their lips. I choose to pursue. I choose to believe that the best is yet to come!

Pastor Milo


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