The Church... Mobilized

In January 2000, Larry Reesor wrote an article by the title: "A Fresh Perspective on Mobilizing the Church." Tons of things have certainly changed around the globe since the article was written, but there is a threefold process that remains applicable for us today and should be reconsidered again, as our churches make adjustments toward being "contemporary, cutting edge, or contextual." 

I have been integrally involved in three different church plants along the way, and interestingly enough for those who are involved in more established ministries, church plants are constantly having to re-think and re-tool how to be contextual and relevant. I point this out, because many who attend traditional churches assume that a church with a modern worship environment and an exciting communicator will easily draw new people. However,  anyone who has lived in this paradigm will tell you, "new" becomes "old" before you can even block twice.

We must understand that mobilization of the local church is the target, not the expansion of the local church. People are coming to Christ around the globe at a rate which amaze missiologists who study these things. The Holy Spirit is on the move! Yet, often times our church systems are built to highlight programs and activities rather than life change and generational change. What if our churches considered Acts 1:8 "... and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" to be the mission statement for any and all outward activity the church engages in? Here is the threefold process outlined by Reesor:

First, we must address the issue of Biblical conviction. We must teach and preach that the global heart of God is the basis for global and local missional activity four the church.

Second, we must work towards these truths becoming part of every believer's philosophy of life and ministry. Embracing these truths and making them part of who we are will change the way people view life itself. 

Third, we must as local churches and leaders, provide practical implementation or avenues of involvement for our people using their gifts, abilities and resources for His global cause. We teach that believer's have a role to play as part of the body of Christ, but are we living that out by giving each and every body member a role to play?

A mobilized church changes everything it comes into contact with. A mobilized church effects its immediate community for the good, and lives christ out tangibly for all to see. A mobilized church effects its sent missionaries by partnering with them rather than sending them a check and hoping for the best. A mobilized church is a process, not a "quick fix," but a mobilized church impacts the world.

Are we a mobilized church?

Pastor Milo


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