Three Leadership Lids At Any Level

In the first chapter of The Book of Titus, the Apostle Paul is focusing his instruction on the kind of leaders that God desires. Leadership is very important to God because people are very important to God. God understands that the quality and caliber of leaders will help decide the effectiveness of his people, church and mission. 

At Randall Church, we have just made a hire for an additional ministry assistant. Vickie Flannery joins our office staff, answering phones, sending emails, and will spend a lot of their time connecting with members of the congregation. The ministry assistant must have the key quality of being a "people person," and because the job is mostly a service-oriented role under another's leadership, the quality of being supportive is essential. 

However Anna Windermere, author and writer for the Miami Herald reminds us that character is essential to leadership at any level. "A ministry assistant must have the quality of devotion to God and a desire to keep walking the Christian path. The assistant needs to be in integrity with the religious mission of the ministry or church for which she provides assistance." 

Using Titus 1:6-9 as our backdrop for the ultimate target in leadership, I see three leadership lids at any level that will keep a person from being successful. It should not be a surprise that they all have to do with an individual's character. In our culture, it seems charisma, skill and power often trump character. In God's world however, character counts above all the rest.

Three Leadership Lids At Any Level
1. Don't lead your family well. 
2. Don't lead yourself well. 
3. Don't lead a trustworthy life

Wherever it is you are employed, wherever it is you volunteer, wherever it is you hope to have influence on others, your leadership and effectiveness will be decisively capped if you choose to live under these three lids.  Don't waste this opportunity. Don't waste your life!

Because you have been transformed by Christ, you have a strong belief in the trustworthiness of the Gospel. And, because you trust Jesus, you are able to encourage others with this message. The rest of your life is committed to helping people find their place Jesus. You mentor them in Jesus and you help them mentor others in Jesus. You help your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, roommates at school, and co-workers find their place in Christ. It becomes the great priority and passion of your life.

If you feel you are stuck, or you just want fresh eyes and someone to help you put together a plan for the next 6-12 months to break through these lids, then we would love to partner with you.

Character counts. Leadership matters. The time is now!

Pastor Milo


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