Hurricane Harvey: Send Relief

As you have seen on the news, Hurricane Harvey is leaving ruin and devastation in its wake as it progresses through Texas. Thousands of coastal Texans are displaced from their homes. In some areas up to 50 inches of rain fell —a new all-time record for rainfall in Texas. Storm survivors need our help.

As an affiliated Southern Baptist Church, we are part of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief family that began responding even before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, delivering Crisis Buckets filled with essential materials for residents ravaged by wind and waves. As we continue watching the historic and stunningly devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, we are compelled to help in some way.

We sent a team last year from Randall Church to Baton Rouge to assist in the Mud-Out efforts, and are exploring options to send a team this year as well. However, remember this is very early in the recovery process and it will take some time for waters to recede and some types of infrastructure (roads) to get repaired and working again before recovery workers can get in to do their work.

Here's how you and our church can help:

Serve. Thousands of volunteers will be needed to serve in Houston shelters, feeding kitchens childcare units and beyond. Whether you're experienced in Disaster Relief or not, you're needed to show Christ's love in action! We are awaiting specific instructions from the government and our partners on when it will be safe to enter the area. Let us know if you are feeling prompted to go at

Donate. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will be providing long-term relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey for months and even years to come. Mobile kitchens are being called to prepare up to 150,000 meals a day. Volunteers will be mudding out, and chainsaw crews will clear fallen trees until every Texan can come home. You can help encourage and support their efforts by giving here or by texting SENDRELIEF to 41444.

Pray. Pray for residents of Texas and its surrounding neighbors. Pray for leaders making response decisions and for the Church to be a light in this dark time. Pray for first responders, aid workers and volunteers who will work tirelessly in the next coming months to make sure everyone is safe. Thank you for what you will do to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately need it right now.

Pastor Milo


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