What the Church can Learn from the 'Blizzard Bowl.'

I loved reading an NFL.com article this morning that started this way:

The CBS telecast opens with the crew in the booth sending it down to Steve Tasker, who deserves a lifetime achievement Emmy for his four hours of sideline work during what was a legit lake-effect snowstorm. Later in the telecast, play-by-play man Andrew Catalon threw it to Tasker with a, "Steve, you still alive down there?" I don't even think he was kidding.

People at New Era Field were experiencing something wild and unique. My neighbor was at the game and had spent a whopping $9.00 for his seat, and I read people attended for as little as $4 bucks. When I messaged him what it was like to be there, he texted: "It was insane! Not really a great game. Not crazy cold. Just crazy weather. Had an absolute blast. Something to tell the grandkids about!"

Despite a 0-0 score in almost an entire half of football, there were three touchdowns scored in this game. Really, this amounts to something of a Christmas miracle. The first two led to extra-point attempts, which gave us the high comedy of a bunch of men in tights furiously attempting to clear a landing spot in the snow with their hands and feet for the poor kicker before the play clock expired. 

The grounds crew became the hero athletes of the day. Steve Tasker announced in the third quarter: "The shovel crew is gassed. They're trying to run back and forth across the field, trying to keep the field clear between plays. They're taking a knee and sucking down Gatorade and everything. I've never seen anything like this game!" 

Yes, its football. Yes, it's just a game. But can the church learn something here? 

The Bills organization, through their head office, through their coaches, and through their athletes that played in that game have communicated the following in some form or fashion to their fans in the days following the epic game.

1. You Matter. Every Bill's fan matters.
2. You Belong. Buffalo fans are like no other city's fans in the NFL.
3. You Make A Difference. The Buffalo Bills couldn't do it without you.

What would it look like if the Church communicated these talking points?

1. You Matter. God has a purpose for you and every person on this planet.
2. You Belong. God commissioned the Church to be an interconnected family. 
3. You Make A Difference. God has called His people, called you to share the Gospel with every man, woman, and child. You are His rescue plan for the world.

Let the Church truly communicate these truths, and you will find people saying things like: "I've never experienced anything like this before!" Then maybe, just maybe, we would be on the right track! Why don't you start today?

Pastor Milo


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