God Will Provide

If you remember, Thanksgiving Eve we began challenging our church family at Randall for a 30 day challenge. $30k in 30 days. Now, this is a high task! This means that people would need to give an additional thousand dollars a day for 30 days.

Here is the bottom line.

Our monthly budget requires $33,750
In December, our people gave $64,280
Our giving increased by $30,530

Long. Story. Short. God is good! God is faithful. God will provide! 

Now, as the new year is beginning many if you are setting goals and pinpointing benchmarks for the coming year that you would like to reach. If you recall, the reason why we needed this financial push at the end of the year, was because we had fallen behind. Let's not do that again. 

Just like healthy individuals spend time keeping fit all year round, not just when their doctor warns them that things are not looking good, healthy churches live in a state of generosity all year round rather than just the Christmas season. This becomes a living giving way of life for the church family.

Some of you have never taken the faith step to commit to regular percentage giving to the local church. There are number of excuses people give as to why they are unable to financially support local church. Remember however, that all we have is the Lords. We are to be good stewards of it.

For those of you working out the logistics of becoming a generous person, we are offering a training course this semester called financial peace university. Not only will it teach you how to budget your own finances, but it will give you biblical foundations to live by. Sign up today by visiting electives.RandallChurch.org and get involved.

For most of us, many of our bills are paid online, and our monthly payments are automatically sent out of our checking account each month. This is an effective way to build a pattern of giving in your personal finances as well. To sign up in this way, visit give.RandallChurch.org and select the ACH option. This method only charges a quarter per transaction, rather than a percentage off of a credit card transaction. We also want to be good stewards with what God has given us.

Let our church be known for its generosity. Let our church be known for its mission efforts. Let our church be known as a place where people find their place. Let our church be known for making the name of Jesus famous!

We've got work to do. Let be about it.

Pastor Milo


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