Headed In The Right Direction

​When you come to face a very difficult decision in your life, do you face it with confidence, or do you find yourself being a little intimidated? Maybe a little bit confused? Maybe a little uncertain? Do you find yourself procrastinating and putting it off? Procrastinators are usually either afraid to make a decision, or are so obsessed with making the perfect decision that they never do anything at all. Do you have a wonderful opportunity in front of you, but are intimidated by its implications for you life? How do you make decisions?

"Life is simply one continuous chain of decisions. Consequences always follow decisions. They may be good consequences, they may be bad consequences, but either way consequences always follow decisions."  - Charles Stanley 

I don't believe that we were meant to live directionless lives. I believe that Jesus died because we were were meant for more. I believe that while decisions will always be difficult, understanding God's heart will always guide our way.

I believe in a Gospel movement where every man, woman, and child finds clear direction forward. And, like every journey, it always begins with the first step.

#1 How to Start - Look UPWARD
Starting a relationship with God is simpler than you think. It's not about how good you are or how much you know; it's about what Jesus did for you and how you respond to it.

#2 How to Live - Look INWARD
Becoming a Christian radically changes the way you live your everyday life. God has already given you the tools you need to honor him with your attitude and habits.

#3 How to Grow - Look OUTWARD
True maturity in your Christian faith isn't about gathering more information or going to church more often. Jesus wants all of his followers to go full-circle by helping others pursue God.

What is your initial reaction? Do you disagree with any of what's written here?
Where could you find clear guidance from God?

Pastor Milo


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